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From discovering local artisans to ethical manufacturing
Ceylanzo Story
Stopover in Bali! At the heart of craftsmanship

Ceylanzo invites you on a trip to the Indonesian archipelago and invites you to discover one of the most beautiful crafts in the world to decorate your interior.
In our welcoming boutiques, where local craftsmanship has been given pride of place for over 15 years, you will surely find rare and authentic objects unearthed through our encounters.

The secret of our authenticity

Our secret ? We work hand in hand with local artisans who have incredible talent for creating unique pieces. Each piece of furniture is made with love and with noble materials, such as wood, to offer you a result that is both authentic and warm.

Come and discover the Ceylanzo universe, a change of scenery guaranteed.

Tribute to our forwarder

At Ceylanzo, we are not only concerned about the quality of our products, but also the impact we have on the environment. We ensure that each piece is made ethically and responsibly, whilst ensuring our artisans are paid fairly for their work.

We would like to thank Fauzan and the charming Agung for their kindness and all the energy deployed to support us in our development during these 15 years of collaboration... Beautiful people on this magnificent island!!!

Su Goda

A beautiful working relationship and friendship was born from the meeting in 2018 with Su, tourist guide and driver. It is a real logistical support and a relay for our “Bali operations”

Friendly and dedicated, do not hesitate to contact him for your trip to the Island of Bali. (Facebook link: Facebook ).

One gesture, one life: Donate for Bali today!

Collection of donations to support the poorest families in the Amed region during the pandemic

Thanks again to Su Goda and his wife for their involvement